ME-ADS is committed to achieving the highest standards in Health, Safety and Environment. ME-ADS goals are:

  • No accidents
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to the environment

The inherent policy at ME-ADS is that nothing is so urgent or important that HSE principals can be neglected. All ME-ADS activities must be carried out in a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.

The HSE objectives of ME-ADS are:

  • Provide a safe and healthy place of work for all its personnel and contractors
  • Stop work immediately when it becomes unsafe to continue
  • Prevent accidents and incidents in the work place
  • Provide a proper and safe system of work and reduce HSE risks
  • Put in place mitigation strategies to prevent HSE risks from being realized
  • Protect and promote health of its employees
  • Continuously improve ME-ADS HSE performance
  • Comply with relevant national & international legislation and standards
  • Be responsible for the environment and mindful of the impact of ME-ADS activities on the environment
  • Mitigate risks to the environment and improve sustainability in local communities

ME-ADS will apply the following principals to achieve these HSE objectives:

  • Provide adequate human, technical and financial resources for HSE matters to be addressed
  • Support employees who at any time during work come to the opinion that work should be stopped due to risks posed to life and the environment
  • Provide a secure working environment by protecting ME-ADS personnel and contractors, ME-ADS assets, and its operations against risk of injury, loss or damage
  • Ensure compliance with local and international laws and regulations
  • Provide HSE Training Programs; review training requirements regularly; keep an attendance record of who has attended training and provide booster training to keep personnel skills updated
  • Fully participate in hazard identification, risk assessments, audits, and reporting of HSE results
  • Keeping the HSE System updated in accordance to HSE Standard ISO: 14000 and OHSAS: 18001
  • Clearly define and communicate the responsibilities of personnel with regards to HSE policies
  • Ensure adequate communication with employees so they understand their HSE responsibilities
  • Provide experienced, competent management and supervision at the work place
  • Set targets for improvement of HSE performance; report and discuss HSE performances openly
  • Implement environmental codes of practice that ensure zero to minimal impact on the environment


ME-ADS is committed to the application of the best environmental practices industry-wide. Wherever possible ME-ADS will prevent, or minimise, mitigate and remediate any harmful effects of its operations on the environment. Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations is of utmost importance to ME-ADS when conducting its operations.

ME-ADS remains committed to on-going sustainable management of the environmental impacts of its operations and aim to reduce its rates of emissions, energy and waste.

ME-ADS will work towards ensuring that:

  • There is an awareness and involvement of our employees in environmental issues, and the environmental impact of our work;
  • Environmental considerations are incorporated into corporate business decision-making processes;
  • There is a clear understanding of the risks of key environmental issues to ME-ADS, and that strategic plans are produced to address these risks;
  • Where appropriate, commit to establishing business unit-specific environment management strategies for reducing our rate of emissions, energy and waste through improvement initiatives;
  • Commit to actively considering the use of alternative energy sources, and low emissions technology, as they become economically viable;
  • Share best practices for environmental management across our divisions;
  • Engage with our suppliers, customers and joint venture partners to develop improved environmental sustainability practices;
  • Communicate regularly with the communities where we operate to develop and maintain a mutual understanding of goals and expectations;
  • Promote the conservation of energy and natural resources and reduce waste;
  • Routinely monitor, assess and report on the company’s environmental, health and safety performance and on our conformity with this policy;
  • Making senior management accountable for environmental matters;
  • Put in place appropriate control measures to prevent negative consequences to the environment following ME-ADS activities and operations;
  • Ensure that ME-ADS facilities and equipment is maintained in working order in order to prevent accidental discharges of polluting substances;
  • Ensure reporting and investigation of all environmental incidents and putting in place mitigation plans to prevent reoccurrences;
  • Undertake regular audits of all ME-ADS activities and using the results to drive performance improvements in environmental issues.