ME-ADS offers field-proven services for many types of drilling and services, including Rig contractor, extended-reach, UBD Air Package Service, MPD Managed Pressure Drilling service, Conductor Hole & Surface Casing Service, Geothermal Well Service, UBD Engineering Service. Applying ME-ADS drilling expertise to your specialty application will optimize drilling while increasing safety and reducing risk—critical to technically challenging wells.

UBD/MPD Engineering Service

ME-ADS is an industry leader in engineered solutions for managed pressure drilling (MPD) and underbalanced drilling (UBD), delivered through the comprehensive resources and expertise of its MPD/UBD Services, which looks at every aspect of drilling to assess expected conditions and risks.

Drilling Rig Contractor Service

ME-ADS with its new technology 2750 meters drilling capacity rig with TopDrive bring a new perspective to drilling operation contracts. ME-ADS added to its inventory GEFCO SS1100&300K  rig, Whisch is new technology highly mobile and  light at same time quite strong capacity rig able to compite  Turn-Key drilling contact at industry.  Especially at production field development ME-ADS approach is an new window to oil&gas industry especially at depleated reservoirs fields.

ME-ADS experienced team with Under Balanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling experience and performance get an key role at field development and maximum production goals.

Conductor Hole & Surface Casing

ME-ADS  has a team specializes in conductor hole, mouse and rathole services.

Typical conductor casings are 406, 508 mm, and 762 mm (16, 20, and 30  inch) diameter and are set to a depth of 12 to 36 meters (40 to 118 feet). Typical jobs will also include a mouse hole, a rat hole and a cellar hole.

Through the utilization of both auger and air drilling rigs, we are equipped to offer complete services for any drilling conditions encountered in Southeastern Anatolia Region from unconsolidated silts and sands to massive gravel  and solid rock like basalt  and hard surface carbonate groups.